About Us

Pinaki Technologies is a global transaction technology services integrator that helps companies implement intelligent simplified solutions that solve business and operational issues in areas such as e-finance, e-business, mobile solutions, ERP, IT enabled services, etc. Our teams of experienced professionals help companies seize new opportunities through a range of services including consulting, development and support. Pinaki suite of services aim to meet the unique requirements of organization, from business consulting, developing custom solutions (Software Engineering), implementing packaged solutions (Application Implementation), to outsourcing and managing applications. Not only do we rationalize existing infrastructures and administrative processes, we also design fresh solutions with the potential of generating entirely new revenue sources.

We provide leading edge solutions in network security, e-commerce, network connectivity and data communication. backed up by our dedicated team of consultants and professional managers, we provide consultancy services, customer support and training programs. with the solid backing of our parentage, our top-notch solutions have successfully helped our customers to maximize network security, productivity, efficiency and overall performance.
We also offers our clients deep industry domain expertise, particularly in the Financial Services, and Manufacturing Industry, as well as in numerous other industries including retail, distribution, utilities and telecommunications.

The Name – PINAKI

The name Pinaki has been derived from the name of Hindu God “Shiva”. He is also called Pinaki because he had a bow called Pinak

The Shiva (Pinaki), according to vedas:

  • Creator & Destroyer
  • Innovator
  • Unachievable – incomparable
  • Complete in all aspects
  • Errorless
  • Its everywhere
  • Aggressive
  • Honest – the Integrity
  • To simplify
  • Committed to excellence and uncompromising ethics, and aspire to be a beacon for the IT industry
  • Inspiring continuous improvement through learning
  • To deliver, what is promised